BIO Podcast Releases 100th Episode

BIO is celebrating the 100th episode of the BIO Podcast!

The 100th episode features BIO member Kitty Kelley interviewing Gwendolyn Mink and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu about their biography, Fierce and Fearless: Patsy Takemoto Mink, First Woman of Color in Congress (NYU Press, 2022).

The BIO Podcast is managed by BIO Board member Sonja Williams.

Listen to the episode here or on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts Spotify, or Stitcher.

The complete podcast archive is also available here.

New Podcast Brings BIO to a Larger Audience

By Lisa Napoli

Vanda Krefft was one of the authors recently featured on the BIO podcast.

If you attended the pre-conference festivities last year in New York, you may have seen BIO board member Sonja Williams and me wrangling audio gear as members rose to read from their latest work. Or, maybe you saw us sneaking off the next day to the offices of the Leon Levy Center to conduct one-on-one interviews with some of those authors.

We were taping for a podcast that we recently debuted online and on iTunes.

The goal is to profile writers at various stages of their career. We’re hoping to reach an audience beyond our membership, both to stimulate interest in what BIO has to offer, but also to explain the process (to writers as well as readers) of conceiving, researching, writing, and promoting biography.

In addition to our writing work, we both have backgrounds in public radio. We’ve been delighted to work on this project and hope you’ll give a listen, spread the word, and consider allowing us to interview you when your next book is published.

Lisa Napoli is working on her third book, a biography of Ted Turner and the creation of CNN, to be published by Abrams Press in 2020.

Listen Up! BIO Has a Podcast

Hear what biographers have to say about their work in BIO’s new, weekly podcast. You can find out more about the podcast and listen to an interview with James Atlas, author of The Shadow in the Garden: A Biographer’s Tale, here.