Member Resources

Dear BIO Member,

Welcome to the Members-Only section of our website.  Navigate this area via the menu on the right.

In this area of the website, open only to Active BIO members, you will find useful resources ranging from a directory that will permit you to get in touch with other BIO members to sample book proposals, from a guide to prizes to a guide of venues that welcome biographers.  The resources, however, are only as good as we collectively make them. Specifically  we need your help to build up several sections. We have created a contribute page so that you can send us information on any of the following topics:

  • Places you have spoken that welcome biographers.
  • Prizes for which biographers are eligible.
  • Writers colonies that welcome applications from biographers.
  • Grants for which biographers are eligible.
  • Names of researchers, editors, indexers and publicists that you have used.

We’re constantly working on trying to improve this area, so please bear with us.  Your suggestions and contributions are always welcome.