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Podcast #134 – Stacy Schiff Part 2

This week we feature the second segment of a special two-part interview featuring award-winning biographer, Stacy Schiff. Her latest book, The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams, was published by Little, Brown and […]

Podcast #133 – Stacy Schiff

This week we feature the first segment of a special two-part interview with award-winning biographer, Stacy Schiff.  Her latest book, The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams, was published by Little, Brown, and Company in […]

Podcast Episode #118 – John A. Farrell

This special episode features excerpts from a spirited conversation between USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page and fellow award-winning biographer and BIO member John “Jack” Farrell. His latest book, Ted Kennedy: A Life, is a […]

Podcast Episode #117 – Susan Page

This time we interview Susan Page, an award-winning journalist and USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief. Page has written biographies of the influential former House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former first lady Barbara […]

Podcast Episode #98 – Philip Short

This week we interview Philip Short, a British journalist who has written several definitive biographies, including Mao: A Life and Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare. Short has had a long career as a […]

Podcast Episode #85 – Debby Applegate

This week we interview biographer and historian, Debby Applegate. Her first book, The Most Famous Man in America: The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher, won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography […]

Podcast Episode #25 – 2019 BIO Conference Panel: Fire Up Your Narrative

This week’s episode features highlights from a panel from the 2019 BIO Conference, “Fire Up Your Narrative,” with moderator Linda Leavell and panelists John A. Farrell, Ruth Franklin, Caroline Fraser,  […]

Podcast Episode #14 – John A. Farrell

In this week’s episode, we interview investigative journalist and biographer John A. Farrell, author of Richard Nixon: The . This interview was recorded in May 2019 in Washington, DC.