Emily Dickinson

Podcast Episode #62 – Martha Ackmann

In this week’s episode, we interview Martha Ackmann, author of These Fevered Days: Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson, published Feb 25, 2021, by W. W. Norton & Company. Ackmann’s award-winning books include The Mercury 13: The True Story of Thirteen Women and the Dream of Space Flight, and Curveball: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, First Woman to Play Profession Baseball in the Negro League. Ackmann was interviewed in her home in western Massachusetts on March 10, 2021, via Zoom by writer and BIO member Lisa Napoli.

Podcast Episode #34 – Julie Dobrow

In this week’s episode, we interview Julie Dobrow, author of After Emily: Two Remarkable Women and the Legacy of America’s Greatest Poet. This interview was recorded during BIO’s May 2019 annual conference in New York City.