Check back at the end of 2018 for information on the Tenth Annual BIO Conference.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ninth Annual BIO Conference in New York!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Eighth Annual BIO Conference in Boston!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Seventh Annual BIO Conference in Richmond, Virginia!


President-elect Will Swift’s inaugural address to BIO members at the 2016 BIO conference in Richmond, Virginia.

Excerpt from the morning plenary session with Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers Annette Gordon-Reed and T.J. Stiles




Of all the programs and services provided to BIO members, Biographers International Organization is proudest of its annual conference. Each year, BIO brings together some of the finest practitioners of the craft of biography to help guide, mentor, encourage, and advise attendees on a wide variety of topics relating to the the writing, researching, and selling of biography.

The conference also offers a unique opportunity to hear some of biography’s best — and best-known — writers share their stories. Each year’s luncheon features a keynote address by the recipient of the BIO Award — past speakers have included Jean Strouse, Robert Caro, Stacy Schiff, and Taylor Branch — as well as special sessions featuring biographers and historians like David Maraniss, Evan Thomas, and Douglas Brinkley.

Members also tell us one of their favorite things about the conference is the opportunity to meet and mingle with their fellow writers. The BIO conference provides many opportunities to socialize and swap stories with fellow biographers, from the Friday night cocktail reception — held at exciting local venues, like the Georgetown home of biographer Kitty Kelley —  to the Saturday evening closing reception where we present the Plutarch Award for the year’s best biography.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what others have to say:

“What verve, enthusiasm and warmth I felt at the BIO conference, both from the leadership and from fellow biographers—published and prestigious to unpublished and aspiring! The experience was a mega booster shot for participants who were able to tour the oldest library in our country, listen to presenters who are developing an exciting new approach to our genre, and interact with successful authors/coaches who were willing to share information from marketing techniques to tracking footnotes in a new computer program. The breadth and depth of knowledge, held and shared, by professional writers such as you, proved awe-inspiring.

Besides, we had so much fun—talking, talking, talking and listening, listening, listening! We were among peers who love using good language and sharing experiences and techniques in a mutual goal to bring the achievements of society’s movers and shakers to light.”

–Martha Nodine

“I’m so pleased that I was able to attend the 2015 Biographers International Conference luncheon and look forward to future events! Taylor Branch was a profound keynote speaker . . . I am so inspired by Branch’s works, the King Trilogy, Clinton memoir, among his books, and look forward to Branch’s upcoming  film project with The Wire producers. Please extend my thanks to the staff, board and volunteers for assuring that Biographers International Organization is a wonderful resource for all writers!”

— Jacqueline Miller Byrd

Remembering, A. Philip Randolph

“What struck me that stood out at BIO from other writers conferences was the quality of conversation—from the hugely enlightening panelists, the lunchtime talk from Ron Chernow, and especially the questions and discussion from the members.  I’ve never met a group of writers as passionate about their craft.”

 —Ryan Doherty, Senior Editor, Ballantine Books

“I can’t express enough how lucky I feel that I found out about [the BIO Conference] when I did, and that I had a chance to go. It was invaluable, to the point that I think it changed my life, or at least changed the approach I’m making to it, since writing means so much to me.”

— David Steele