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R. Bruce Craig

R. BRUCE CRAIG (Ph.D.) is a specialist in the history of espionage. He is author of the acclaimed Treasonable Doubt: The Harry Dexter White Spy Case, a biography praised by […]

Jack Harpster

Jack Harpster is the author of four personal biographies and two institutional biographies. His The Railroad Tycoon Who Built Chicago: A Biography of William B. Ogden (Southern Illinois University Press, […]

Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs

Charlotte De Croes Jacobs is the author of Henry Kaplan and the Story of Hodgkin’s Disease,published in 2010 by Stanford University Press. The book chronicles the life of an esteemed […]

Andrew Marble

Andrew Marble is currently researching and writing a biography of Gen. (ret.) John M.D. Shalikashvili, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1993-97). He is the Founding Editor and Editor […]

Joan Kane Nichols

Joan Kane Nichols writes biographies for young adults, specializing in historical figures and women in the arts. The New York Public Library named Mary Shelley: Frankenstein’s Creator a Notable Book […]

Hershel Parker

Hershel Parker is the author of the 1997 Pulitzer finalist, Herman Melville: A Biography, 1819-1851 (Johns Hopkins, 1996) and its continuation, Herman Melville: A Biography, 1851-1891 (Johns Hopkins, 2002). The […]

Natascha Scott-Stokes

Natascha Scott-Stokes established herself as a pioneering traveller in 1989, when she became the first woman to travel the length of the Amazon River alone, from its headwaters in the […]

Sonja D. Williams

Sonja D. Williams is currently working on a book about the life and times of Richard Durham (1917-1984), a pioneering African American writer and gifted broadcast dramatist who was inducted […]

David Lee McMullen

Experience is the fuel of good writing.  During the past half century, McMullen has been a vice cop, Marine Corps tank commander, VISTA volunteer, newspaper journalist, speechwriter, media spokesperson, lobbyist, […]