Application Information for the Caro Research/Travel Fellowship

The Fellowship is open to submission by BIO members. In the spring of 2019 BIO will award either one $5,000 or two $2,500 fellowships.

The Fellowship is restricted to support of works of biography, e.g., not of history, autobiography, or memoir.

Please email us the following as a PDF file no longer than three pages in length:

1) Your name

2) The title of your current project
   – include details of its current status, e.g., whether it is under contract to a publisher or whether it is under development as a proposal.

3) A brief summary of the project

 4) The anticipated result of receipt of a travel fellowship
   – explain whether the fellowship will lead to completion of a proposal, a chapter in your biography, or completion of the work.

 5) Details of where you wish to travel and why
   – explain how such travel is relevant to completion of your project, whether a proposal or a biography in progress. If you wish to travel to places where your subject lived or worked, please provide relevant details. Please be as specific as possible about how traveling to a particular location will enable your biography to develop the importance of a sense of place.

6) Details of your proposed budget
   – you should provide an estimated cost of travel and of possible housing.

7) An abbreviated c.v.
   – providing details of your education, published books (if any), and current employment (if relevant).

Please submit your application to:

Deirdre David
Vice-President, Biographers’ International Organization