Application Information for the Caro Research/Travel Fellowship

The Fellowship is open to submission by BIO members. In the spring of 2019 BIO will award either one $5,000 or two $2,500 fellowships, based on the judgment of the panel of three judges: Deirdre David, Caroline Fraser, and Marc Leepson. The application deadline is February 1, 2019.

The Fellowship is restricted to support of works of biography, e.g., not of history, autobiography, or memoir.

Please email us the following as a PDF file no longer than three pages in length:

1) Your name

2) The title of your current project
   – include details of its current status, e.g., whether it is under contract to a publisher or whether it is under development as a proposal.

3) A brief summary of the project

 4) The anticipated result of receipt of a travel fellowship
   – explain whether the fellowship will lead to completion of a proposal, a chapter in your biography, or completion of the work.

 5) Details of where you wish to travel and why
   – explain how such travel is relevant to completion of your project, whether a proposal or a biography in progress. If you wish to travel to places where your subject lived or worked, please provide relevant details. Please be as specific as possible about how traveling to a particular location will enable your biography to develop the importance of a sense of place.

6) Details of your proposed budget
   – you should provide an estimated cost of travel and of possible housing.

7) An abbreviated c.v.
   – providing details of your education, published books (if any), and current employment (if relevant).

Please submit your application to:

Deirdre David
Vice-President, Biographers’ International Organization