Map and Directions

UPDATED DIRECTIONS TO REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE ON SATURDAY MORNING, beginning at 7:15 AM: Due to construction, building entrances on Boylston Place are closed. Please come to the Walker Building at 120 Boylston Street, where a BIO volunteer will guide you to the fifth-floor registration site in the adjacent Tufte Building. There you will pick up your agendas and registration packets, including your BIO ID, which will gain you access to all Emerson buildings in use for the conference. After registration, a volunteer will show the way to elevators that will take you to the third floor, where a light breakfast will await you and where our first session, a plenary discussion between Larry Tye and David Nasaw, will take place in the Semel Theater, beginning at 8:15 AM.

To travel from the Semel Theater in the Tufte Center to the concurrent sessions in the Walker Building, take the elevator in the Tufte Center from the third floor back to the ground level. Exit the building and proceed up the Boylston Place alley. Turn right onto Boylston Street, through the archway. On your right, you will find the entrance to the Walker Building (C). Present your ID pass to the security agent and take the stairs to the second floor, where most of the sessions will be held. Elevators are also available, if need be, and are recommended for sessions held on the 5th floor of the Walker Building  (agent conferences and Walker 503).

Lunch and the closing reception will be held at the Bobbi Brown and Steve Plofker Gym in Piano Row (B). From the Walker Building, turn left onto Boylston Street and continue past the entrance to Boylston Place. You will pass one building on your left before arriving under the green awning of Piano Row. Enter the building and present ID. Take either the stairs or the elevator to Lower Level 3, L3.

A version of this map will also be available in the conference program.

Note: Because Emerson College is an urban campus, its security staff at all entrances will request to see your identification pass. Please ensure you keep the pass given to you at registration with you at all times, or you may be denied entrance to the Emerson College buildings.